It is a pleasure to welcome you as our guest for your well deserved holiday. Even when you’re on the road travelling further and you need a short break driving your car or motorbike. Your car or motorbike  can be parked safely on our gated private property.

Agroturystyka Daniel is located in the beautiful and hospitable Southwest of Poland in the Dolneslaskie region nearby the small town of Kamienna Gora. This beautiful region is also known by the names Karkonosze, Sudety, Lower Silesia and nieder silesia. We are surrounded by beautiful scenery with lakes and wide open views.

Agroturystyka Daniel is centrally located around famous places such as Karpacz, Jelenia Gora, Kamienna Gora, Lubawka, Bolkow, Walbrzych, Szczawnoj-Zdroj and Wroclaw.

We have for you available your own private room with a nice view of the natural surroundings. The private room with own private bathroom has a toilet, shower, mirror, and a sink with hot and cold running water. The rooms are spacious, clean, heated and equipped with big flatscreen TV. On the same floor level where your room is located is a reading corner and a balcony witht the view of the ponds and tennis court. For your convenience is also a shared kitchen where you can expect a delicious breakfast in the morning with hot coffee (Option, not included in the roomrate). The shared kitchen is also available for you to cook or make a sandwich if you get hungry. At Agroturystyka Daniel it is a pleasure to fall asleep and wake up rested to enjoy the beautiful day ahead of you.

During the day there are lot of great things to do at Agroturystyka Daniel Agro to enjoy the holidya the way you like it.
Relaxing and enjoying our spacious outdoor pool and in between take a few laps.
Of course there are chairs available at the poolside and a grill where you can grill on charcoal. If you play tennis then you definitely have to bring your tennis racket because we have a tennis court available also!
You may also throw out a fishing rod in one of our own fishing ponds to stare away peacefully. Your golf short game must also remain sharp so bring your golf clubs along to practice Pitching Your Up-and-Down.

After the great day you are welcome in the bar for a refreshing drink. At the bar you can play a game of darts, chess or play cards.

Around us is enough to do what this Polish beautiful region has to offer you. In the vast and diverse region Dolneslaskie (lower silesia) with its Giant Mountains Karkonosze and Sudety you can go horseback riding, skiing, cross country skiing, golfing, windsurfing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, visiting castles, etc.
You can walk or mountain bike on the most beautiful trails around Skalnik and Sniezka for instance. A day trip to known places such as Karpacz, Sklarska Poreba Jelenia Gora or Wroclaw are also possible.

Poland is large, diverse and beautifull country with modern developments, and it now has several modern shopping centers with all known store chains such as Media market, Douglas, P & C. The popular shopping malls have food courts (McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza, Chinese, Kebab, etc.) and modern multi-cinemas with the latest English spoken films.

The road network in south-west Poland is just fine to drive with your car or motorcycle. Enough gas stations, rest and food joints along the way. Safety during travel is not a problem if you do the normal common sense things that apply everywhere in the Western world. You can pay almost everywhere with Your Debit or credit card. There are also pin machines at banks to withdraw money. Exchange offices are also available. Polish people are generally polite, for example, they keep the door open for you, waiting nicely in line, say hello (dzień dobry) when they enter the store and say good bye (do zobaczenia) when they leave.

Witamy serdecznie!